Sunday, November 9, 2014

My bickering and childish co workers

I have been working with my co workers for two years now and it seems like everyday their behaviors get worse. They bicker over small things, from high school days to work related incidents. I just watch and laugh to myself because it is funny to watch them fight over small things. If you were to work with them, you would understand when I say childish. They would go on from staying mad at each other for two hours, then they would go at each other again like Tom and Jerry. One can be very stubborn and the other would be more of "ehh" and wouldn't let it bother him so much.
I would explain to them that they act like my kids when it comes to their bickering. So I would have to separate them, so they can get some work done and get outta of there as soon as we can because we are on a schedule. However, this goes on everyday. Each day is different and amusing to see. So tomorrow I will see what stories or bickering they will entertain us with again.